First Ice Cream Cone

My little monkey is about to turn three and he just now enjoyed his first ever ice cream cone. He LOVED it. Especially the “peoples” (his attempt at pronouncing sprinkles). He threw up dairy when he was one. We’d occasionally try it again and it would run right through him. We tried again a few weeks ago, and it was finally fine! I can’t tell you how nice is is to add yogurt and cheese to a picky toddler’s diet.

I’m so glad I thought to bring along my big girl camera.  I’m so glad the weather is warm enough for outdoor ice cream. Now if only there was a place that sold dairy free soft serve for me…

These were taken at Budgies for those of you that are local. It’s an outside non-chain dairy place. It’s in on the border of being in a trashy part of town, but the ice cream is good (according to B & G) and relatively cheap. They also have flavors for Coke and really good ice (for non dairy eaters like myself).

It’s a good life.

It is. We spent some time outside last weekend. It’s amazing how energizing it is to be outside. On Saturday Gav was wearing the last shirt he had hanging in his closet that fit and was clean, I told him he looked like a farmer boy. Later in the day when we asked him what he wanted to do, he said go to a farm. So, we did. We have a state park pass and visited the Prophetstown farm. We just walked around and chased the chickens and waved hi to the horses. Simple. It was beautiful out. Drew slept happily in the wrap in my arms. We ended at the playground. I love how well kept and clean Prophetstown is – not to mention the lack of crowds.

  • My parents also came to visit last weekend. We went to Clegg Botanical Gardens. Gav decided we were going on a bear hunt after we told him we were going to the forest and we couldn’t go over it or under it and had to go through it. When we actually found a “cave” he freaked a little and wouldn’t play in it. He also has an aversion to bugs. This summer is going to be fun.
  • I watched this TEDx talk on education reform, and I think I’m in agreement. It may not be a perfect solution, but it’s definitely a positive one. His statement about how our schools are currently performing optimally yet are also so sub par is so scary! I’m not a teacher though, so I always feel like my perspective is off – though I did get a lot of experience in the world of education when I worked at Purdue…and I do have that master’s degree in Learning Design and Technology. And that guy was my professor.:)
  • I also love this TED talk on healthy eating and healthy living. I’m definitely not an expert in this area — but this makes sense to me. Healthy habits = happy body.
  • We went to the children’s museum in Indy two weekends ago. Love it! Despite facing the spring break crowds, I actually do want to go back. Bonus – we went with Brandon’s parents and our nephew Jaden. <3
  • I get to photograph newborn twin girls today! Excited!
  • Drew is occasionally sleeping through the night. Hip hooray.
  • The weather is starting to cooperate.
  • Happy dances are being done all over.
  • Let’s not talk about how I’m STILL potty training Gavin. Or how Drew only naps for 45-60 mins at a time.































This not a jungle.

More fun things Gav has said recently…

I was pretending to be a tiger when G cried (about eating dinner – I am mastering the art of distraction.). He was getting frustrated and said, “This a house mommy. Not a jungle. You not a tiger.”

After his bath, G was running around bare bottomed. He was sitting in his toy car. I told him if he peed in it, I was going to throw it away.

He politely replied, “It doesn’t fit in the garbage can.”

“It’s more-in” (morning)

This is Gav’s new favorite phrase to use when he doesn’t want to go to bed or take a nap. Along with “I hungy.”

We were walking in Sam’s Club with Brandon’s parents and his dad was walking ahead of us. Gav yelled, “Papa!! Wait UP!”