End of Summer

I can’t believe our summer days are dwindling down. It affects me much less since I am (for the most part) unattached to a school schedule. Here’s a little update on what our end of summer looks like…

Drew really seems so baby still. I know that will be short lived, and I’m grateful I have had a full 7 months (almost 8!) of toting my little monkey around. He is really trying to figure out crawling (though I guess this should go with the August pictures, but I don’t think he has the core strength for it quite yet. He can sit up on his own for little bits of time, but tends to flop forward pretty quickly. He’s still the happiest baby on the planet. If he’s tired or hungry, he’s fussy. He will pretty much only sleep in his bed now (not even the carseat). This is great for a home schedule and routine, but not so much for travel or non-scheduled at home days (or two hour drives home from visiting family…). He likes to have floor time every day, and if we are out and about a lot and he is held all day, he is not happy about it. He is not very interested in solid foods. I offer them about once a day — just apple sauce or mashed up veggies from what we are eating and a few purees. He prefers milk, but I don’t think he’s getting as much as he needs. Ever since we stopped the NeoSure he hasn’t slept as long or as well as he did before…so we’ve had 4 to 6 weeks of inconsistent night sleep. It’s not bad by any means, but I would love it if he did the 12+ hours at night like Gav did. When we are home and he can be in his crib, he takes consistent and decent naps (2hrs in the morning, 2-3 in the afternoon). However, I finally feel like having two kids is normal.

Gavin has changed a ton this summer too. He has grown at least 2 or 3 inches (I only know this because he no longer needs a stool to use the potty…). A friend mentioned she uses charts to get her kids to get ready in the morning. I printed a couple off for Gav last week with a  list of everything we need to do in the morning when we wake up and before we go to bed. He was being so stubborn about getting dressed and eating in the morning and just wanted to start playing right away. Bed time was a nightmare. This list has been magical (a week in..so there’s still time for epic failures…). But hopefully it sticks. He gets really mad when he doesn’t get to point to the item on the list that we do. It’s made bed time so much more sane. Gav’s imaginative play has taken off like crazy this summer! We went from “playing house” where he didn’t really know what to do to full on camping with cotton ball marshmallows and q-tips as the roasting sticks. He looooooooooooves to play with toy “peoples”. We are also starting a Leggo collection. I love playing Leggos with him and building things for him. Leggo’s are going to be at the top of his Christmas list (and mine). We started elaborate drawings with sidewalk chalk on a regular basis in our driveway. That might make another post. He requests things, and I draw them. I look at pictures online or from our books, and we make giant collages in our driveway and sidewalk. We’ve met a few neighbors in the process, and I’ve over heard kids talk about the Superman I drew (I even had a grown man stop at the end of our driveway and tell me how great the super heroes were). It’s funny though because Gav asks to chalk every day, but he himself never touches the chalk. He just asks me to draw things for him. I love it actually have been surprised at how much of a creative outlet it has been for me.

Two Boys in July

I made these happen in the nick of time last month. And I think they might be some of my favorites to date. I love these two. They are really starting to enjoy each other (for about 5 minutes a day).


“Gavin, do you want to be baptized when you get bigger?”

“No. I want to be goodtized.”

“Who is the prophet?”



Lattice Pie

This was the first (and so far only) time I ever made a lattice pie crust. I found these in a random folder on my computer. Here’s to hoping they don’t get lost!

My grandma passed away today. She was so ready to go! It is hard to lose her, but I am at peace knowing that she is no longer struggling.


July Update

July was simple and fun, and flew by. So many of our friends were traveling/moving, that it seemed to make the month disappear! I’m anxious for Gav to start preschool and to be in some sort of a routine/schedule. Anyway…here’s what July brought:

  • Fireworks with the neighbors
  • Downtown fireworks (NEVER ever, ever again!) – We did have fun and enjoyed the evening, but it will not be a repeated tradition.
  • Gav’s 1st not so much sleepover
  • Lots of last minute friend time
  • Gavin camped with my parents at Prohpetstown
  • We visited a Fire Station
  • We went to Sleeping Bear Dunes
  • We went to Ron & FranCee’s and spent time with Ty on Higgens Lake
  • We ate fresh Michigan Cherries!
  • Gav and I spend our mornings chalking our sidewalks (and meeting tons of neighbors in the process).
  • Drew is 7 months old. He can now sit up (but falls over a ton) and rolls all over the place. He tries to crawl, but I would imagine he needs to get a little bit stronger before that happens. I am amazed every time I look at him.