The Sleepover That Wasn’t

Somehow the idea of a sleepover got into the heads of Brielle (mostly), and Gavin and Reid. It was their last week here, and so, we decided to give it a shot. Why not? I assumed we’d have terrified kids waking up in the middle of the night or they wouldn’t even be able to go to sleep at all. But since they live 2 seconds away, it wasn’t really a big deal if they did. Well…Reid woke up first and wanted to go home. This was around 9. About 30 minutes later Brielle woke up and wanted to go home too. Gav slept through the night. I moved him to his bed after they left. I was afraid he’d be mad when they woke up, but he totally forgot. It was fun in theory – but they still enjoyed the evening.

The Truth

My parents are currently camping with Gav at Prophetstown. They took him to the farm and the little farm house there. They had an old time carpet sweeper. Gav was impressed with it. He said…

“Oh! My daddy does this too.”

And now I’m sitting here trying to remember the last time I vacuumed the carpet…



Hold My Hand

The other day we were taking pictures on campus of some friends, and everyone came with me since we were really just hanging out and taking some casual photos. We were walking to a new spot. I was holding Drew and Gav was walking along. He asked to hold my hand. I told him I couldn’t to walk by himself because I was holding Drew and my camera. He folded his hands together (like praying) and “held his own hand by himself”.


On the 5th of July, we were sitting on our patio watching the fireworks our neighbors were shooting off. After having been up since midnight the night before watching the downtown fireworks (and getting stuck in traffic for an hour), we let Gav take an inappropriately long nap that day. Which resulted in yet another late bedtime. We were “talking” as Gavin loves to do, and we asked Gav what his favorite food was. He said, “Popsicles. No, that not very healthy. I like chicken. Chicken is healthy.” (Truthfully, candy is his favorite.)